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World of Swing DVD #3 - Balboa & Bal-Swing Disc 1
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World of Swing DVD #3 - Balboa & Bal-Swing Disc 1

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Barbl Kaufer, Marcus Koch
World of Swing
Beginner, Intermediate
Running Time:
140 minutes
Release Date:


Learn Balboa / Bal-Swing with this comprehensive video program by Marcus and Barbl. This set is jam packed with information from a beginner to intermediate level. Balboa can be danced to any speed of music, from 120 bpm to 300 bpm. Pure Balboa is arguably the easiest way to dance to fast swing music enjoyably and look good.

Marcus & Bärbl have been teaching classes and workshops in more than 15 countries all over the world. They were given the prestigious Feather Award in 1996 and 1997, and the International Dance Teacher Award in 2002. Among their many competition titles are: World Champions, three times World Vice Champions, US Open Champions and Rock n Socks Marathon Champions. They are also the organizers of the World famous Rock That Swing Festival in Munich, Germany.

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Member Reviews

LJH - May 19, 2015

It's important to know that this is disk 1 of a two part set. You can rent disk 2 at Danceflix as well.

Can't recommend these enough. A bit "corny" at times, but they spend a lot of time teaching detailed technique with the moves and giving you lots of good ideas.

You get two sets of instructors - two couples - on these dvds and with that you get their different ideas and styles.

Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced moves here. Nearly all very good with a surprising amount of carry-over to other dances! Worth the time invested, for sure.

Balboa is a great dance. We dance it to many kinds of music; a very adaptable dance once you get the real hang of it.

This dvd, without saying much about it, covers "closed" Balboa and "open" Balboa - referring to your embrace, or, lack of it.

Balboa is a fun swing dance, and a close couples dance too - again, once you get the hang of it.

Good luck!

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