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Tango Your Life (Documentary)
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Tango Your Life (Documentary)

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Tango Zen House
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49 minutes
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In Buenos Aires, tango is more than steps or fancy movements. Locals describe tango as life danced on the floor. Chan Park, author of a book titled Tango Zen: Walking Dance Meditation, has spent four years in Buenos Aires to discover that tango is about feeling, which is inspired by music and shared between partners connected through embrace while moving together in unison. This documentary film tells his discovery of tango as culture, music, dance, friendship, love, and daily living in Buenos Aires.

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Member Reviews

LJH - June 1, 2017

If you haven’t already read several “interesting” books about current Tango culture, or, seen many of the popular movies about Tango, this short “documentary” (2012) by Chan Park of his experience and appreciation of Tango and Tango culture is worth a view.

It’s mostly a romantic view of Tango life – the places where he dances, the people he’s met, and, the people he dances with weekly. It’s a view you’ll get if you go to places like these anywhere where people have been dancing for a while - “lifers” all tell similar stories, no matter if it’s bowling, scrapbooking, or, Tango: “It’s the best!”

The Tango life here is not about “show tango,” but “slow tango” – the “cling to each other and walk around” kind. You’ll see little or no “fancy” moves; you’ll see little or no quick footwork. Mostly it’s talk - by people who’ve been “in the life” for decades, and, who talk about years of practice and many late nights at the dances.

It’s not a “documentary of Tango.” It’s a documentary of Park’s Tango experience(s). He obviously likes and appreciates the dance, the people, and “the culture.” There are few politics, few disappointments, and few laments about “the old days” – although there are some. Mostly it’s, “We like this. Come. Enjoy this with us.”

Maybe you will.

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