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WCS Rueda Vol. 1
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WCS Rueda Vol. 1

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Doug Silton
Doug Silton Productions
Absolute Beginner, Beginner
West Coast Swing
Running Time:
45 minutes
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West Coast Swing (WCS) Rueda was created in 2011 by Doug Silton and Damon & Lisa D'Amico. WCS Rueda follows the traditions of Casino/Salsa Rueda and Lindy Hop Rueda; WCS Rueda is West Coast Swing danced in a circle with a variety of verbal calls that dictate what moves the dancers will do, including partner changes for both leaders and followers. More information can be found at: wcsrueda.com

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Member Reviews

LJH - November 20, 2017

If you’re familiar with, “Ruedas,” or, with many couples gathering in a big circle and doing a few moves and passing partners around, then you know this will be similar to the same thing you’ve probably seen/done before in Salsa, Swing, Country dancing, etc.

The “official hard part” here – what the disc is about - is learning how to dance “called” WCS patterns; how to gracefully pass partners; or, how to move to new partners when “called.” If you’re a beginner to WCS all the moves will be hard, but if you’re an experienced dancer the “new” part is “the circle,” “the call,” and, “the trading partners.”

Some feel that dances of this type are good, or, better for beginners than “learning solo.” We did these things as kids, in various dances, but other than getting used to taking dance instruction and being “out there” on the dance floor, we don’t recall it doing much for our individual dancing skills. But, if it gets people dancing, what’s the real harm?

In the disc’s camera work and production values it looks like they only went to enough trouble to make some space, get a group together, and teach them the basic moves - in a basic way - to get the idea across to anyone who wanted to buy a disc to learn, “Rueda.”

It’s workmanlike, but it will save you a bunch of time if you want to do this in WCS and haven’t yet figured out how. And, it’s done in a “paint by numbers” kind of way so that if you watch to learn as a group everybody can see what to do together. It’s not pretty and probably could have been done better, but, “It is - what it is...” Work it out.

This kind of dancing can be fun. It’s basically a called Square Dance kind of thing and it can vary a lot – depending on the “caller,” the music, the floor, and the time and place. Or, it can be a “canned” or “demo” performance that your group could put on for a crowd. It can be fun either way, or, work either way. Try it if you like the “circle” idea.

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