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World of Swing DVD #5 - Footwork Fast & Fancy
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World of Swing DVD #5 - Footwork Fast & Fancy

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Barbl Kaufer, Marcus Koch
Intermediate, Advanced
East Coast Swing
Running Time:
52 minutes
Release Date:


What Is Footwork Fast & Fancy? Footwork Fast & Fancy will help you to improve your footwork. It will give you new ideas to add variety and excitement to your dancing on a social dance floor and in jams. If you already have a solid basic and want to spice it up or work on your personal style, this tape is just right for you. It suits different styles of swing. To get the most out of this video, experience in some style of swing dancing is required. The video consists of two sections: Section 1 presents different variations in exercise format. Section 2 teaches you different figures and exciting combinations.

Marcus & Bärbl have been teaching classes and workshops in more than 15 countries all over the world. They were given the prestigious Feather Award in 1996 and 1997, and the International Dance Teacher Award in 2002. Among their many competition titles are: World Champions, three times World Vice Champions, US Open Champions and Rock n Socks Marathon Champions. They are also the organizers of the World famous Rock That Swing Festival in Munich, Germany.

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Member Reviews

LJH - August 20, 2015

If you've been dancing Lindy, Bal, Baboa, Collegiate Shag, East Coast, etc. for several years - many hours a week - you'll ZOOM through this tape quickly just like we did. Seriously, do enough dancing and studying and you just start doing a lot of this. We were doing most these, or, some variation, before we saw this tape... (Not perfectly, but...) If you haven't been dancing that much yet but you want to, then this tape can be a great eye-opener about what to do with all the moves you've been learning, or, will learn. It's a fun tape, but not for the beginner. For a beginner, it might be torture. The first five or six lessons, for example, are a series of "Zumba" style workouts where you (should) follow along as Marcus works up a sweat. Not a word is said... I'm still not sure why all that was necessary because most of the moves don't require that much effort. Once the tape moves on to some "interesting" patterns, you might see better where to use the kick ball change, the grapevine, some standard tango moves, etc. in your swing dancing. That's fancy. And, if you don't have, for example, a ballroom background, this is a good tape to pick up some "standard" moves from different dances that look good in any dance, but which take some experience to apply at just the right time and place. Marcus, as usual, takes the time - once he gets into partner dancing - to give some great tips about how to dance together. That alone will improve a lot of what you do whether you learn all of these patterns or not...

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