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J&T Elements of Connection in WCS (EXCP Bronze)
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J&T Elements of Connection in WCS (EXCP Bronze)

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Jordan Frisbee, Tatiana Mollmann
Intermediate, Advanced
West Coast Swing
Running Time:
60 minutes
Release Date:
Not available


** Due to the high cost and limited availability, this title is only available on Silver and Gold plans **

1. Basic Elasticity
2. Floating the Post
3. Constant Connection
4. Delayed Rhythms
5. Double Resistance
6. Back Prep
7. Music Demonstration Combining Elements of Connection

Jordan & Tatiana are the top West Coast Swing couple in the world with numerous U.S. Open Swing Dance Championship titles. Their dancing and performances are breathtaking to watch and their ability to teach is unsurpassed. Watch them dance in this video clip:

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Member Reviews

LJH - August 21, 2017

Have you ever had a conversation where the other person seems to hear what you say, but keeps rushing ahead of you – cutting you off with “Yeah, and…” or, “Yeah, but…” before you finish your words? Not much fun, right? The point of this disc isn’t so much good physical connection – as it is about considerate conversation by both sides.

This disc is about body language - the body language of WCS. Jordan and Tatiana are using words and motions here to show you how to dance WCS better. Eventually, by thinking about what they’re saying and showing, you’ll start to get the feel of what needs to be done. And, it will probably “click” when you step out an “old” pattern to some slow music but happen to think, “I’m going to take my time here and do this my way…” It won’t be entirely your way - you’ll be “dancing a little like those two...” At least until you’ve worked this enough to improve and develop your own style.

The teaching here is generally good. And, some of the examples, like the yellow line drawing of “the post” put in place in post-production to show you where “the post” should be as you dance, are very effective; a picture is still worth a thousand words.

Shane L. - February 11, 2015

One of the best Jordan and Tatiana Videos that highlight Technique within the dance to help show contrast between moves to help your patterns match the music.

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