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J&T Motion Study Drills for WCS (EXCP Bronze)
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J&T Motion Study Drills for WCS (EXCP Bronze)

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Jordan Frisbee, Tatiana Mollmann
Intermediate, Advanced
West Coast Swing
Running Time:
60 minutes
Release Date:


** Due to the high cost and limited availability, this title is only available on Silver and Gold plans **

1. Motion Study Break Down
2. Motion Study in full
Drills Applied in WCS for Leaders
3. Hook Anchor Underarm Turn
4. Check & Cross Underarm Hand Change
5. Lazy Man Tuck Footwork
6. Kick & Reach Underarm Break
7. Leader's Application with Music
8. Hook Anchor Underarm Turn
9. Grapevine Pass
10. Check & Cross Tuck
11. Inside Turn Hip Lead Rotation
12. Follower's Application with Music

Jordan & Tatiana are the top West Coast Swing couple in the world with numerous U.S. Open Swing Dance Championship titles. Their dancing and performances are breathtaking to watch and their ability to teach is unsurpassed.

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Member Reviews

LJH - December 1, 2017

This disc is about their/you using a “line dance routine” to teach you (useful) footwork and (good) timing so that you can then use parts of “the routine” in your WCS dancing. It’s a “skill building” thing – that is perhaps just as often a “step” or “pattern” teaching thing… “Newbies” will learn new things. “Oldies” will learn old things better.

You can start best by going to the end of the disc and stepping out the “routine” they’re presenting. You can probably “sort of” follow along with most of it. That will tell you both what’s to come on the disc in the “lesson part” and what you might need more work on if some of it is familiar, but difficult. Get the big picture – and a better “focus.”

After the two-part layout and discussion of “the routine,” and, a “full run through,” the disc then presents “examples” for the leads and follows of when and how “bits” from the routine can be used in some patterns. If you do the routine a few times all the way through on your own you’ll start doing this when you’re dancing anyway, but the very brief “examples” on the disc could be helpful in getting “there” sooner.

This is a work disc. It’s meant to be taken seriously as it’s all about learning and doing certain things well - and THEN going out and having fun with it. In learning and doing the routine, you’ll “pick up” some good ideas along the way. It’s how the good get better.

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