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Balboa: Variating Your Variations
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Balboa: Variating Your Variations

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Nick Williams, Sylvia Sykes
Doug Silton Productions
Intermediate, Advanced
Running Time:
40 minutes
Release Date:
Not available


Balboa variations with with Nick Williams and Sylvia Sykes - this video explores several popular and classic variations to make your Balboa really sparkle.

On this DVD:
Promenade Variations
Floaty Out and In (to follower closed and to leader closed)
Leader Close Come Around
Continuous Back and Through
Follower Close to Out and Ins
Arm Slide Variations
Roll Across
And More

Nick and Sylvia are some of the most respected and sought after Balboa instructors in the world. Between them they hold first place titles at practically every Balboa and swing dance championship across the globe, and if not competing they can usually be found judging those very competitions.

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Member Reviews

LJH - February 28, 2017

If you’ve seen the earlier discs in this series this disc will be a small “add-on” to moves you’re already learned. And, if you’ve taken a workshop from Nick or Sylvia on the “Back and Thru,” “Arm Slides” and “Maxie’s Stop Step” the “add on” effect may be even smaller… It’s a short disc and if you know the “basics” of the three moves they expand on here, it’s a quick watch. It’s clear, it’s fairly simple, and, you may find yourself saying, “Oh, yeah… We do that already.” If not, it’s a nice “short cut” to some easy stuff.

They do high-light some often over-looked moves like the “Roll In, Roll Out” and remind “Maxie Stop Step” fans that every move or pattern, even “old moves,” present opportunities for an extra step or flourish here and there – just depending on the music, the floor, and the partners. As “add-ons” this is a good idea to keep in mind. It shouldn’t be the same dance every time… On the other hand, sometimes the small things are a better route to fun than learning new and complicated “big moves” - just to have something to “new” to do…

As a side benefit, trying to learn some “add on” moves to these three “basic moves” results in your practicing the “base” move more than you might have. So, even if it seems a bother to learn some “window dressing,” the net result is that you wind up being a better dancer just because you gave something like this short disc a little bit of attention. It’s an easy, short disc to view – as part of the rest of their series… Give it a shot.

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