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Night Club 2 Step - Beginning to Intermediate
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Night Club 2 Step - Beginning to Intermediate

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Dawne Kiehm, Michael Kiehm
Starlight Dance Studio
Beginner, Intermediate
Nightclub Two-Step
Running Time:
88 minutes
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This DVD will teach you the character of this elegant dance, side basics, underarm turns, open breaks, spot turns, sweetheart, triple traveler, hip checks and so much more. There are over 25 easy-to-follow dance figures you can learn!

Michael & Dawne Kiehm compete, perform, coach, judge, and host dance events throughout the year. Michael holds a “Rising Stars” International Latin Champion title and numerous Ballroom & Latin Championship titles.

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Member Reviews

LJH - February 26, 2016

Night Club Two Step, Beginning to Intermediate, Kiehm, 3.5

As I recall, Buddy Schwimmer, aided by this sister, initially developed Night Club Two Step in between dance classes at his parents’ dance school when they were both young in the 1960s. I may be a bit off on that, but “Night Clubbing” or “Slow Dancing” is the kind of thing you can do just “moving around” as you play to a slow beat with bits and pieces of “ballroom frame and dance” you may already know. Hey, it worked for them!

In this disk, the Kiehm’s demonstrate the grown-up version of the earlier dance - and it’s a longer road to the fun this way. It’s an excellent disk, but very thick on detail. We’ve yet to figure out a good way to watch and learn from it beyond either immersing ourselves in all the “talky” detail, or, just watching the demos and stepping it out from there. It’s a very well done disk, production wise, and there is much to be learned from just watching them dance “small” – when they actually show you some dancing…

Of interest to the followers, Dawne does a good job describing her half of the partnership in these patterns. And, they both do a good job of mentioning little details, here and there, which can move you along to the intermediate level faster than your average “beginner” DVD. So, while it might be a bit “thick” to get through the material, it may turn out to be well worth it if you can give it several tries. Round 1, round 2, round 3…

Nick S. - July 20, 2013

This is a super DVD. Michael Kiehm and Dawne Haight do a great job demonstrating how graceful the night club two step can be danced. The steps are shown from various angles which is very helpful. I like the fact that the steps are demonstrated with Michael or Dawne facing away from the camera – this allows the viewer to practice the steps while viewing the screen rather than reversing the steps in his/her head. The steps are not only shown from different angles but each time a new technical point is stressed. Multiple angles also allow for viewing of arm, hand, and feet positions. This is an information dense DVD with lots of details about weight shifting, hand movements, leads, etc. There are lots of style points making this a suitable tape for those interested in either social or competitive dancing. The DVD has over 20 steps combined into five amalgamations of the steps. Even learning the patterns in the first amalgamation (basic side to side, lady’s under arm turn, open break push spin, and spot turn) will give the viewer the ability to get up on the dance floor and look good.

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