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Swing Aerials Vol. 1 - Tricks and Airsteps
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Swing Aerials Vol. 1 - Tricks and Airsteps

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Daniel Newsome, Tiffiny Wine
Motion Lifestyle
Intermediate, Advanced
Lindy Hop
Running Time:
108 minutes
Release Date:


Take your swing dancing to an entirely new level with Swing Dance Champions Daniel Newsome and Tiffiny Wine. They take you step-by-step through 14 of the most exciting tricks and air-steps in swing dancing. Swing Aerials Volume 1 is packed with fun and flashy moves for Intermediate to Advanced dancers.

For the casual viewer, this DVD is a pure joy to watch as Daniel and Tiffiny perform the coolest aerials you have ever seen!

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Member Reviews

LJH - July 23, 2017

Swing Aerials – Disc 1 and 2

They – Daniel and Tiffany - present the moves against a white background with good lighting and no distractions; they stress safety; and they take their time. They take their time beginning with warm-up exercises and basic prep - and then move into each move carefully discussing how the fundamentals don’t – and shouldn’t change – and give plenty of time to both the lead and follow’s work in each move.

Disc one starts with the Frog Jump and builds to more complex moves off the technique they cover in this first move. Along the way, they might have said more about beginning the moves on a padded floor, or, on grass… Besides having a “spotter” handy for safety and practice, and, going slow, it’s a good idea to have a soft landing place for the first several dozen, or, hundred times, you’ll do these moves…

Disc two starts much the same as disc one - with a discussion of warming up, etc. - but don’t do these discs out of order since the basics are better covered in disc 1 and disc 2 starts with “The Slow Aerial” where the follow spends much more time fully supported by the lead than in the earlier, disc 1, moves. It may sound like the “easy way” for the follow to learn aerials – like he’ll do all the work – but you really need to know what you should be doing so he/you can do aerials correctly, and safely, and more than once….

Disc 1:

Frog Jump
Out-to-In Frog Jump
The Hurdle
Split Lift
Split Lift to Out
Fall Back
Hip Roll
Tower of Doom
Merry Go Round
Charleston Back Flip
Back-to-Back Roll
Figure 4
The Stack
Baby Drop

Disc 2:

The Slow Aerial
The Moon Flip
Baby Doll
Hand Stand
Judo Flip
Fall Back to Judo Flip
Vegas Flip
Trip Flip
Couchie Flip
Sugar Hill
The Flail
Blue Outlaw

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