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The Fundamentals of Lindy Hop
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The Fundamentals of Lindy Hop

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Carla Heiney, Kevin St. Laurent
Beginner, Intermediate
Lindy Hop
Running Time:
105 minutes
Release Date:


In this DVD you will receive instruction in the fundamentals of Lindy Hop, with an emphasis on technique and partner connection. This video can help experienced dancers add styling to their basics and can teach beginners the essentials of Lindy Hop.

Kevin and Carla are swing dance champions known for their versatility, musicality and creativity on the dance floor.

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Member Reviews

LJH - December 11, 2015

For all FOLLOWERS, this is a 5, whether you are much more than a beginner or not. Really, it’s rare to get this much information on nearly every move for the FOLLOWERS. Carla does a great job with that, and Kevin does a good job helping her with that. His part in showing and describing the lead is very good as well - a nice effort.

This DVD is not the best start for absolute beginners (try Rusty Frank’s 3 disk DVD series for that) but more experienced dancers will already know (roughly) how to dance many of these moves* and will be very interested in what Kevin has to say about leading, and Carla has to say about following - in the same pattern - in order to become even better Lindy dancers. It’s about “the moves” - and HOW to do them better.

As they get into the DVD, the video and sound improve, as does the detail in the teaching. Nothing difficult or complicated here, just some very good instruction that takes time to cover in detail.... And, they do take the time… Be prepared to study this one.

* Shoulder Twist, Skip Ups, Lariat, Guy’s Sneak, Double Pass, etc.

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