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West Coast Swing: 22 Foundation Patterns - Disc 1
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West Coast Swing: 22 Foundation Patterns - Disc 1

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Skippy Blair
Skippy Blair Productions
West Coast Swing
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Learn the 22 Foundation Patterns of West Coast Swing from the legend, Skippy Blair. Disc 1 takes you through the first 10 of the foundation patterns, which includes the following:

• Foot Positions
• Triple Rhythm Break & Anchor
• Left Side Pass
• Underarm Turn
• Continuous Right Side Pass
• Single Right Side Pass
• Hand Change Starter Step
• Underarm w/ Hand Change
• Turning Basic
• Slingshot Rollout
• Rotational Starter Step

Skippy Blair is considered one of the founders of modern West Coast Swing. She is an icon in the swing world and referred to by many as the “Teacher’s Teacher” and the "First Lady of Swing". For almost 70 years, she has been an inspiration to tens of thousands of dancers across the country.

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Member Reviews

LJH - July 23, 2017

Skippy Blair – 22 WCS Foundation Patterns (2005) – Discs 1 and 2

These two DVDs cover the Golden State Teachers Association “22 West Coast Swing Foundation Patterns” they felt all “Westies” should know, and, should all know how to do this way – for a number of reasons. As such, the patterns aren’t shown for beginners, but for people who already know the dance fairly well and want, or, need, a reference to see how experienced and good WCS dancers see, think about, and dance “WCS...”

Since these discs are presented as a resource for teachers and/or master dancers, both the lead’s and follow’s actions in each pattern are shown first - then the actions of both together. The order is proper in a teaching-teachers context, since to really teach well you should know both parts completely to teach both roles. And, it’s proper in a “masters” context, because to do your part fully you have to understand the other part fully.

As demonstrated this isn’t sexy or exciting instruction, but – if you “just” want to be a better dancer - it is clear and something that you can easily “rev up” when dancing later on your own. Which is exactly the idea for “the students” - these are foundation moves that if studied carefully and done correctly can give you something “sound” to easily build (or, rebuild) on... And, that’s the idea for the WCS Community…” Dances constantly evolve/change and moves go in and out of fashion; the attempt here is to establish “the” basic foundation moves to work from, or, back to, as time passes.

Skippy Blair is said to be “a teacher of teachers.” They are the focus of this disc as she begins by reminding everyone of the “dancer’s foot positions” that she will (and others should) use in talking about the steps in the patterns to come. And, it’s what she has in mind as she shows various teaching “tips” such as using the bar to show where the connection is in the Push Break and where the Lead’s right foot should remain during certain whip patterns. She even brings out the flash cards to discuss 8 count rhythms…

A generally well-considered presentation - that’s probably best worked with one “chapter” at a time. These aren’t, “Learn to dance WCS in an hour” discs; these are, “What the WCS swing fundamentals are - and how they might best be done” discs.

The two discs are best viewed together since the first disc just fades to black at the end of The Rotational Starter Step (#10) and the second disc “cold opens” with The Slingshot Throw-out (#11). The discs, in any case, tell a better story together than either disc by itself. Get them both to view at the same time if you can… “It’s just better that way.”

Harold W. - June 5, 2013

Too much talking by Skippy Blair. Instruction starts with man's/woman's steps and then shows the full move instead of the other way around, which makes it difficult to follow at first. No music with instruction to help with rhythm/musicality. Made in 2005, so a bit dated by now.

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