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Country-Western Two-Step (Silver) Syllabus
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Country-Western Two-Step (Silver) Syllabus

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Harmony Munroe, Toby Munroe
Dance Vision
Intermediate, Advanced
Country Two-Step
Running Time:
227 minutes
Release Date:


Learn intermediate to advanced Country Two Step with Toby & Harmony Munroe. Toby is the 2004 & 2005 UCWDC World Champion in the Classic Masters division. This video is like having a personal dance lesson by two of the most sought after Country & Western dance instructors in the nation! This DVD covers the following:

• Twist Turn with Variations
• Check Turns with Variations
• Elbow Catch Freespin
• Wrap In / Wrap Out
• Double Freespins
• Right Barrel Roll
• Patty Cake
• Bowtie
• Closed Whip with Variations
• Arm Checks
• Fan Turn
• Lariat with Variations
• Telespin
• And Much More

Dance Vision is the leader in instructional dance videos and consistently produces the highest quality DVDs using the best instructors. You won’t be disappointed!

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Member Reviews

LJH - May 26, 2017

We gave the Bronze disc in this series a very good review based largely on Toby and Harmony’s clean and straightforward way of showing the patterns - while moving, moving, moving around a very large dance area.

Their “way” is to keep it flat, forward, and flash-less. It’s a traditional way to teach many country western dances in dance halls – bars – and, having seen other discs where others “dude it up” we think it’s still the best way to go... “Fancy” – you can add later.

Comparing the Bronze level to the Silver level, in terms of “the moves,” in Silver more stuff typically happens in the same amount of time. The moves aren’t harder - usually there are just more of them in a given pattern.

If you’re coming from swing dancing you’ll note that the further you go in the series the more things you “kinda already know.” You do. Just get used to moving down the floor while you do them and you’ll be, “good.”

Another nice, but not “thrilling,” presentation by Toby and Harmony Munroe.... If you want even more “twisty and turn-y” things to do than you learned on their Bronze disc, you’ll like this one.

Genevie B. - January 20, 2012

Toby & Harmony Munroe are amazing dance professionals and not only are exceptional dancers, but their ability to teach and explain the technique involved while perfectly executing figures is unsurpassed. They really do a wonderful job with these new videos. For the casual social dancer, the Bronze level is probably sufficient. The serious, or competitive dancer would be interested in studying the Silver and Gold levels also. These videos are on average two hours in length and cover 15 dance syllabus figures.

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