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Latin Body Action
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Latin Body Action

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Ron Montez
Dance Vision
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Latin, Specialty
Running Time:
50 minutes
Release Date:


Got Cuban Motion? If not, then this DVD is exactly what you need! Ron Montez, 7-time undefeated U.S. Professional Ballroom Latin Champion shares with you the secrets of Latin Body Action. Ron is recognized nationally as a top instructor. This video covers:

• Basic Cuban Motion
• Motion While Turning
• Hip Rotation
• Using the Sides of the Body
• Swivels
• And More!

Dance Vision is the leader in instructional dance videos and consistently produces the highest quality DVDs using the best instructors. You won’t be disappointed!

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Member Reviews

LJH - April 3, 2017

It was very easy to like this guy as, “Uncle Ron,” after he started demonstrating that Latin motion could be very easy to learn. And, it is, if it’s explained carefully and demonstrated slowly as he does here. (You can speed up your moves later once you learn them well…)

The disc lists five sections: Basic Cuban Motion, Motion While Turning, Hip Rotation, Using the Sides, and, Swivels. Those are just general themes; within each section are practical exercises to do that improve the look, feel, and balance of your dancing. It’s a very good disc for anyone who may need to “get some practice” but who may lack a partner to practice with… Payoff: If you can do this on your own, you’ll have better balance and be better prepared for “steps” and “patterns” in class with a partner.

It helps to have a big mirror and a smooth floor to practice with as you watch the disc. Not only will you get instant feedback as you watch the disc, you’ll be more interested in what’s going on as you rediscover, “It looks easy, but…” Plus, standing up will help you learn - if you just sit on the couch, you won’t learn much since you might just fall asleep... Nobody “sleep dances” very well, so… Stand up and step it out. It really does work better that way.

Last, this disc is of equal value – and use - to Leads and Follows, so it should be of interest everyone.

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