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Argentine Tango Followers Technique
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Argentine Tango Followers Technique

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Christy Coté, George Garcia
Dance Vision
Intermediate, Advanced
Argentine Tango
Running Time:
116 minutes
Release Date:


This Dance Vision “technique” video covers all the technical points for each of the important elements of the Argentine Tango. This instructional video covers the open and closed embrace styles, which represent today’s Tanguero, and the dance of modern Milonga. Christy and George have been dancing, choreographing and teaching professionally for many years and are well-respected professionals! This Follower’s technique video covers the following:

• The Embrace, Walking & The Cruzada
• Forward Ochos
• Back Ochos
• Molinetes
• Boleos
• More about the Six Basic Elements
• Paradas, Blocks, Sandwiches & Pasadas
• Barridas
• Ganchos & Enganches
• Sacadas
• Points & Planeos
• Calecita & Carpa
• Changes of Direction in Turn
• Volcades & Colgados
• Surprising Moves
• Embellishments

Dance Vision is the leader in instructional dance videos and consistently produces the highest quality DVDs using the best instructors. Here is a sample video clip of them dancing.

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Member Reviews

LJH - January 16, 2017

In a more perfect world, everyone taking up Tango would be issued this disc along with the room number for the class. It’s all here - all the things your big sister and her boyfriend might tell you and show you about “Tango” after your first couple of days or weeks in a “Tango” class. They’d be in a good mood - happy to show off for the “newbie” - and all the mysteries talked about in class would make more and more sense.

And, yes, it would be issued to everyone. Not only do men need to know what’s going on with the Follower’s side of the dance, they need to be able to easily lead the very figures Christy Cote discusses at length while George Garcia cheerfully allows her to tell her side of things while he remains mostly mute. Since you’ll be mostly mute while leading as you dance, watching him leading while he says nothing - is education in itself.

Christy, unlike many “serious” Tango instructors, maintains an upbeat and happy demeanor while discussing the many moves and forms involved in the dance. She doesn’t cover everything there is to know, but she does cheerfully and deeply cover the six or seven basics very well, then adds another six or seven moves and concepts on top of those – and gently covers, with more discussion and examples, how all these relate to one another, and/or can be expanded into more complicated (looking) things...

If you don’t have a generous and talented “Tangera” big sister (who has hours and hours to devote to your tango education), this disc is what you need to have one… It’s a well-delivered “side” to the dance, and enormously helpful in helping anyone – lead or follow – get a full grasp of much of the dance. Probably worth it’s weight in gold. Really.

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