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Argentine Tango Leader's Technique
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Argentine Tango Leader's Technique

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Christy Coté, George Garcia
Dance Vision
Intermediate, Advanced
Argentine Tango
Running Time:
116 minutes
Release Date:


This Dance Vision “technique” video covers all the technical points for each of the important elements of the Argentine Tango. This instructional video covers the open and closed embrace styles, which represent today’s Tanguero, and the dance of modern Milonga. Christy and George have been dancing, choreographing and teaching professionally for many years and are well-respected professionals! This Leader’s technique video covers the following:

• The Embrace, Walking & The Cruzada
• Forward Ochos
• Back Ochos
• Molinetes & Giros
• Boleos
• Paradas, Blocks & Sandwiches
• Barridas
• Ganchos & Enganches
• Sacadas
• Planeos & Points
• Calecita & Carpa
• Changes of Direction in Turn
• Volcades & Colgados
• Embellishments
• Milonga Etiquette

Dance Vision is the leader in instructional dance videos and consistently produces the highest quality DVDs using the best instructors. Here is a sample video clip of them dancing.

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Member Reviews

LJH - January 26, 2017

While not as good in some ways as the partner’s disc, “Argentine Tango Follower’s Technique,” this still rates a “5” for it’s straightforward and friendly discussion of “how” to lead Argentine Tango – not just “what” to lead. And, if the “follower’s” disc was about your big sister showing you how to dance Tango, this would be your big brother, or, cool Uncle doing his best to show you how the dance is done – from his perspective.

What’s missing here is the ability to push through the screen the experience with balance and timing you need to best understand and use what’s being discussed. Tango, as a movement of your body and your partner’s, is all about the walk. Spend a lot of time walking around and practicing with a partner – and trading places - so you can learn “the walk” (or, walks) from both sides and very thoroughly. Do that and the value of the instruction will go way up – as will your success with the material, and, Tango.

Both these discs, the Leader’s and Follower’s disc by George Garcia and Christy Cote, really should be issued with every Tango disc, and maybe for every Tango class. There’s hours of useful material here, and, since it is well indexed, it’s easy to find what you need and/or to “take small bites” as you learn.

Simply a well thought out set of discs, done well.

By Michael V. - November 21, 2011

This was better than I was expecting. I'm an intermediate Argentine tango dancer and was expecting this to be mostly beginner advice on the embrace and walking (which for the most part is there), but this video actually has some good techniques and advice for intermediate and advanced dancers. Do not rent this to systematically learn how to lead tango from a novice level, because it generally presents a hodge-podge of various techniques that would be silly for a beginner to emulate. But the techniques are interesting and clearly presented for those with some knowledge of Argentine tango.

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