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Tango Fundamentals - Vol. 1: Basic Elements
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Tango Fundamentals - Vol. 1: Basic Elements

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Fabián Salas
Gotan Enterprises, Inc.
Absolute Beginner, Beginner
Argentine Tango, Ballroom, Latin
Running Time:
64 minutes
Release Date:


Learn to dance Argentine Tango in 10 easy lessons!
Fabián Salas teaches the authentic Argentine Tango “Basic Elements” in a clear, easy to follow manner. The elements you will learn are, the walk, the embrace, lead and follow, fundamental figures and turns.

Fabián is an Argentine Tango dancer, teacher, and choreographer from Buenos Aires, with over 15 years of professional experience. He has successfully taught Tango to thousands of students all over the world and is a highly sought after coach to performers and competitors.

This course is highly recommended for beginners and ballroom dancers learning Argentine Tango, as well as for experienced Argentine Tango dancers as a refresher course.

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Member Reviews

LJH - August 3, 2015

I also have all three discs and have had them for years. They are a bit too cut and dried. There's just not much life to the instruction. It is a good style that he teaches, but be prepared to drink a lot of coffee as you watch these. It would have helped, a lot, if his partner had had equal time to speak and describe what she was doing and feeling on her side. It would have helped a lot, all around, if they had "broken the fourth wall" and talked to the camera about what they were doing instead of relying on the "voice over" for everything. Like someone describing a long movie with the sound off...

By Michael V. - November 21, 2011

I actually own the 3 disc collection of Tango videos by Fabian Salas. I'm an intermediate Argentine tango dancer and I found the instruction to be clearly presented both visually and aurally (in English) with regular speed and slow motion. The first video is good for novices, while disk 2 & 3 are best for advanced beginners or intermediates. Some Argentine tango instructional videos are hurt by the hokey style of the instructor, but Salas has a very classic easy-going style that any dancer would be wise to emulate if they don't to be laughed out of a milonga.

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