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Introduction to West Coast Swing
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Introduction to West Coast Swing

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Dawne Kiehm, Michael Kiehm
Ballroom Dance Like A Star
Absolute Beginner, Beginner
West Coast Swing
Running Time:
35 minutes
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Learn the popular West Coast Swing with dance champions Michael & Dawne Kiehm! They’ve won numerous titles in Ballroom, Latin, Swing and Country and now they will teach you with their easy-to-learn techniques.

In this DVD you will learn the basics and upper-level basics to allow you to have confidence on the dance floor. The steps you will learn are:

• Sugar Push
• Sugar Tuck
• Under Arm Pass
• Basket Whip
• Under Arm Pass with Hand Change
• Right Side Pass with Ladies Inside Roll

Designed for beginners, this video is like a “crash course” for West Coast Swing.

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Member Reviews

LJH - January 7, 2016

For a beginner disk, this is a bit fast paced. It is, however, a very good disk and you can get around the speed of the presentation by just selecting “slow(er) play” on your DVD player. Michael is very good at what he’s talking about so listen and watch carefully, but if you need to slow him down, so be it. Dawne holds her own - as any “Westie” should - and at her slightly slower pace you may find her explanations a little easier to follow.

This is “slicker” dancing than most beginners may be up for, even at that. We were lucky enough to order the “West Coast Swing Starter Kit” (Myles Munroe and Tessa Cunningham) at the same time (Yay, Danceflix!) and you may want to do that too; similar moves on both disks* but with this one demonstrating how you can add a bit more polish to the dance. It’s not that they teach more styling; they just show a bit more as they go along. Meanwhile, the WCS Starter Kit is slower paced and more “beginner friendly” so you can get the benefit of four good teachers if you’re willing to switch back and forth.

Watching either disk, keep in mind that the sometimes (always?) loooong explanations are probably necessary to “newbies” because a lot usually happens very quickly in this dance. You have to learn the bits and pieces of “the basics” completely to “fly” later. So, take it step by step as much as you can stand it; try the move; then watch it again to see what you left out. You’ll see why they spend so much time, “talking and talking…”

*Sugar Push, Sugar Tuck, Underarm Side Pass, Basket Whip, Underarm with Hand Change, Basket Whip, Right Side Pass with Lady’s Roll, etc.

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