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Anyone Can Dance Foxtrot
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Anyone Can Dance Foxtrot

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Donald Johnson, Kasia Kozak
Dance Vision
Absolute Beginner, Beginner
Running Time:
45 minutes
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Discover how easy it is to learn to Foxtrot! This DVD is like having a personal dance lesson in your own home. National Ballroom Dance Champions Donald Johnson & Kasia Kozak make learning how to dance easy and fun. In this video, you will learn:

• Foxtrot Basic
• Promenade
• Rock Turns – Left & Right
• Sway Step & Underarm Turn
• Zig Zag
• Promenade with Underarm Turn
• Simple Twinkle
• Fallaway Twinkles
• And More!

Dance Vision is the leader in instructional dance videos and consistently produces the highest quality DVDs with the best instructors. You won’t be disappointed!

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Member Reviews

LJH - August 1, 2016

Anyone Can Dance Foxtrot

Along the lines of, “If you can walk, you can dance…” this DVD presents 8 to 10 “moves” in smooth Foxtrot as it teaches you to dance a bit of elegant ballroom Foxtrot. These moves are presented as if you already know frame and timing, or, as if it’s not all that important to know them to get started. Just play along… Step it out… Go with it.

If you watch the DVD enough times, you’ll note how they hold their frames steady and quiet so that their footwork is easy to watch. Nothing is said, really, about dancing to the music, but they use the same song throughout and eventually you’ll be hearing the beat they’re dancing to… However, I think it would have helped if they’d noted the switch in timing from slow-slow-quick-quick to slow-quick-quick as they moved into Twinkles. Note the “music credit” on the DVD that points you to where to buy the music. Handy!

Easy to overlook for beginners is the follower’s part. Here, it’s explained just after the lead’s part every time, but it’s very easy in the rush to “learn how to dance “x” dance” to not give it equal or greater attention. Yet, the follow has to know a different set of movements for the lead to continue smoothly with the lead, and for the follow to feel comfortably led. They do a good job here of presenting the follow’s footwork but you’ll need to pay very special attention to what is done because it’s not overly described.

Take the time to see, think about, and understand what each half is doing at every point along the way. The lead leads with frame and core body motion, the follow feels the lead’s shifts in position, frame, height, etc. to “know” what move is coming and the flow of lead and follow eventually becomes, “dancing together.” Nothing wrong, by the way, in practicing each respective part separately… Eventually adding music and a partner makes it fun – and more fun because you’ve got your part fully ingrained…

Not said enough on this DVD is that Foxtrot is a progressive ballroom dance. The progressive basic they teach here is primarily for the purpose of moving “down” the ballroom dance floor in a counterclockwise direction AS you do promenades, twinkles, promenade turns, left and right turns, and so forth AS you travel a fairly large distance in every dance – while dealing with other couples – who are dealing with you!

Practice dancing with travel IN mind using the basic taught here and the promenade to keep moving along/around the floor – while, again, adding Twinkles, Sways, and turns as you go along. And, keep in mind that the use of many of these is to avoid bumping into other people, or, having them bump into you. In “Perfect World” in a big venue beginners should dance in the center of a large floor, but in real life you’re very likely to just have to “muddle along” in a small or crowded venue where most people don’t really know, “the rules,” much less how to dance or what to dance. So, you practice what’s needed!

This is good instruction and these DVDs are perfect for rentals. They don’t cover everything in the world on this one DVD, but by renting the rest in the series, and studying other ballroom dances they teach, you’ll “get the idea” of how to take “basic” moves and turn a little knowledge and practice into a lot of pleasant and fun dancing.

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