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West Coast Swing - Beginning to Intermediate
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West Coast Swing - Beginning to Intermediate

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Dawne Kiehm, Michael Kiehm
Starlight Dance Studio
Beginner, Intermediate
West Coast Swing
Running Time:
60 minutes
Release Date:


Learn West Coast Swing by Michael & Dawne Kiehm from Starlight Dance Studio in San Diego. This video combines several of the most common basic and intermediate level patterns into one DVD. The material covered includes:

• Sugar Push
• Sugar Tuck
• Under Arm Pass
• Left Side Pass
• Closed Basic
• Tuck Release
• Under Arm Pass w/ Hand Change
• Right to Right Side Pass w/ Inside Roll
• Basic Whip
• Whip w/ Inside Roll
• Whip w/ Hand Change Behind Back
• Whip w/ Outside Roll
• Double Under Arm Pass
• She-He Pass (8 counts)
• Inside Whip with Barrel Roll
• Sugar Push w/ Cross Over
• Closed Tuck Release, with Hip Catch
• Back Side Pass with Outside Roll
• Shoulder Catch Whip
• Hammerlock In and Out with Hip Roll

Michael Kiehm competes, performs, coaches, judges, and hosts dance events throughout the year. Michael holds a “Rising Stars” International Latin Champion title and numerous Ballroom & Latin Championship titles.

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Member Reviews

LJH - February 24, 2016

WCS - Beginner “to” Intermediate, Kiehm, 4

This is not a strictly “beginner” tape. For a real honest-to-goodness first timer, I’d recommend the Kiehms’ “WCS – Dance Like a Star” DVD ahead of this one.

The first third of this DVD is mostly the all-important Sugar Push – which is covered better on the earlier tape.

The second third of this DVD is, “Whips” (swing outs). If you’re an experienced Lindy Hopper you’ll only have to adjust your footwork to do most of these quickly. (Yay, shortcuts!)

The last third of this DVD progresses from “moves” to more complicated-looking “patterns” - that are mostly combinations of the earlier moves.

Kiehm and Kiehm speak rather quickly on this DVD, as they do on their others. I did not find it necessary to slow them down in the playback mode this time around, but I did sometimes have to work out what they were talking about.

For example, before each section they don’t do a dance demo, but rather a “talky” walk-through of the patterns about to be taught. Without a dance demo, I was sometimes confused about when the instruction was actually beginning; by skipping to the end of the section, the “review” part, I was able to see the moves danced before I then backed up to see them taught.

Speaking of pictures, they look very nice dancing together. Study their body movements and try to learn not just the patterns - pick up some of their unspoken styling tips too.

Brandon P. - June 12, 2015

It would be better if showing more practicing than too long talking, music should applied right after each patterns.

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