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Anyone Can Dance Hustle
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Anyone Can Dance Hustle

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Donald Johnson, Kasia Kozak
Dance Vision
Absolute Beginner, Beginner
Running Time:
35 minutes
Release Date:


Discover how easy it is to learn to Hustle! This DVD is like having a personal dance lesson in your own home. National Ballroom Dance Champions Donald Johnson & Kasia Kozak make learning how to dance easy and fun. In this video, you will learn:

• Back Break Basic
• Wheel
• Hesitation
• She Goes
• He Goes
• Exchange of Hands
• Return to 90°
• Crossbody Lead to Open Break
• Crossbody with Inside Turn
• And More!

Dance Vision is the leader in instructional dance videos and consistently produces the highest quality DVDs with the best instructors. You won’t be disappointed!

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Member Reviews

Robert B. - September 3, 2013

As usual for DanceVision DVDs and Donald Johnson and Kasia Kozak as instructors, this is very good quality instruction. For each move, they demonstrate the move a few times (without music), then go through the timing and footwork for both the guy and the girl, then discuss the lead and any other details (pitfalls, variations, etc.), then demonstrate the move again to music. (I really think the pattern of "demonstrate, teach step-by-step, demonstrate again" is the best way to teach dance moves.) Very beginner dancers can probably learn from this without too much difficulty, but might need to replay parts a few times; this DVD is ideal for late beginner through intermediate dancers, who know some dance moves and principles, but not how to do this dance. (And advanced dancers who don't know Hustle will likewise pick it up quickly.)

The video is only ~35 minutes, but it packs a lot of material into that time; it's more than just the 8 moves listed (though that isn't bad for a video labeled "absolute beginners"), since there are variations on a number of moves and some combinations that make them seem like new moves. There seemed to be slightly less discussion beyond describing the moves than I'm used to for the "Anyone Can Dance" series by Donald Johnson and Kasia Kozak, but what was there was still very helpful and insightful. I would have given it 4 1/2 stars, but in whole-stars, it's closer to 5.

As always: I recommend that you take what you learn from a video and try it out in a studio, with an instructor to help correct any parts you didn't get (whether you realized it or not). And if you really like a video, buy a copy, to further support and encourage the video makers!

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