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Two Step (Beg-Int) Vol. 1
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Two Step (Beg-Int) Vol. 1

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Gary McIntyre, Lisa Richardson
The Dance Store
Beginner, Intermediate
Country Two-Step
Running Time:
70 minutes
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This set is a fabulous introduction to the world of Country Western Two Step, by four-time World Champions Gary McIntyre and Lisa Richardson (McIntyre). The set covers Beginner to Intermediate (Vol. 1) and Intermediate to Advanced (Vol. 2). Features emphasis on technique, leading & following and actual competition footage.

Gary and Lisa have won numerous UCWDC World Champion titles and are active competitors and instructors on the West Coast Swing circuit. You can watch them dance in the following video:

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Member Reviews

LJH - December 7, 2016

Much more than a beginner’s disc and, with effort, a very good disc to learn the dance from. Just be prepared to rewind often; to be wrong about what you thought you saw; and to be glad, eventually, that you stuck it out and learned the moves.

Most of Two-Step is about the lead getting on with things…. So, it’s mostly the lead’s footwork that’s key on this disc and in the actual dance. On the rewind, you begin to notice that how Gary steps behind, in front of, across himself, etc. is the real key to most the moves finally working. PROGRESSIVE footwork is very different from SPOT footwork. If you’ve been a swing dancer many of the moves will seem familiar, but only the upper part; the footwork will be nearly always be different in Progression.

For outright beginners, you should know that there are two to three months of “group class” information on this disc, and a good bit of information you’d normally only “get” in private lessons. If you can find someone to learn with and practice with - and have enough room to do so - you’ll save a ton of money and time in the long run - and probably understand the dance and HOW to dance a lot better too. Take your time.

By the way, skip the early part of the disc with the dance contests; it’s not what you’ll be studying on the disc and was put in, it seems, as “filler.” Other reviewers have complained about this but it’s only a problem if you start there. If you came to learn the dance and not to watch someone else dance, then start with, “Scene 7: The Basic Step.”

There’s also more “moves” on the disc that it seems. There are “only” 3 Sections and within each is only one general pattern. However, when you add up the optional moves and exits for each general pattern, it’s really closer to a dozen “moves” - and it will seem like more than that to someone watching you dance after you’ve learned the general pattern and all the options.

Lots of information here... Good luck with that rewind button!

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