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The Ultimate Nightclub Two Step Reference Video
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The Ultimate Nightclub Two Step Reference Video

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Laureen Baldovi, Robert Royston
Scooter Lee
Beginner, Intermediate
Nightclub Two-Step
Running Time:
75 minutes
Release Date:


Dance legends, Robert Royston and Laureen Baldovi take you step by step in mastering the Nightclub Two-Step. Learn great moves, technique and styling from this classic beginner to intermediate DVD. They patiently and encouragingly will teach you all that you need to know to feel confident on the dance floor! See them dance:

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Member Reviews

LJH - March 12, 2018

This “2004” DVD is straight from a 1998 VHS tape – with nothing done to improve on the essential “rewind, hunt, rewind” nature of the original videotape.

There are no chapters or lessons to efficiently select – it’s just one 58 minute long “show and tell.” As for the “Ultimate” reference… Meh. Not so much. It’s “beginner to intermediate” in it’s scope – which they state plainly… after you get the tape.

Robert and Laureen are likeable – and from all the giggling on the tape like each other – but the tape is very slow in some places, while fast in others, and hampered throughout by all the joking around. If you like Robert and Laureen – watch and laugh along.

The instruction is of three parts… They start with the “in place” Basic and discuss the different ways “a basic” can be counted, but they quickly settle on “their way” and that’s that. They do, at least, have a long practice bit for the basic that you can “step along” to.

The other two parts are basically them showing two sets of patterns. They “show, show, show” without doing a lot of “teach, teach, teach.” We’ve had the VHS of this “DVD” almost since it was new, and the wheels came off the instruction very early on because they went from walk-around turns and a throw-across to a left turning traveling basic - without showing a simple traveling basic first. Oops. “What was that?”

If you’re already familiar with Night Club Two Step and do all the basics well, you can watch the last half of this and pick up a few handy moves or sequences. At least in the DVD version you can speed up or slow down the playback so if you see something you like – and you might – you can see “what” easily enough without worrying about “how.”

If you want to learn Night Club Two Step and learn “how” step by step, Toby Munroe’s excellent, “Country Western Night Club Two Step” is a better choice. It’s indexed well, it’s progresses from one move to the next carefully; there are no jokes to have to watch again and again; and, it has an “upgrade” path from Bronze, to Silver, to Gold.

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