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Exercises and Drills, Vol. 2 (EXCP Bronze)
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Exercises and Drills, Vol. 2 (EXCP Bronze)

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Gary McIntyre, Susan Kirklin
Intermediate, Advanced
West Coast Swing
Running Time:
50 minutes
Release Date:


** Due to the high cost and limited availability, this title is only available on Silver and Gold plans **

This video picks up where Volume 1 left off, featuring Cuban Motion, Arm Styling, and Connection Drills. In this video Gary and Susan show how you can put together your own routines with simple principles that could easily be applied to a competitive routine or social dancing.

Gary has won numerous UCWDC World Champion titles and Susan is a US Open Swing Dance Champion. Together, they are US Professional Smooth Finalists, US Open Swing Finalists and UCWDC Dance Champions.

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Member Reviews

LJH - January 4, 2017

Like disc 1, this is very good and very important instruction for all dancers, not just Swing, Ballroom, or, Salsa dancers… The bulk of this disc, part 2, is about connection - five kinds of connection and several drills to improve connection with a partner. From the general discussion you’ll pick up tips on how all this applies to your particular dance.

A smaller part of the disc, the third part, is about the use of “arms” and how they can be connected or disconnected from your dance efforts too. This part is more about “show” – but it includes drills and exercises to practice so that what you “show” is what you intended to look like and not what you thought you looked like… As usual, it helps to have a big mirror to practice in front of in order to get the most from the lessons here.

First on the disc, but which should probably have been listed last, is a ten-minute section on Cuban Motion. This probably should have been on disc 1 with the turn types and body isolations, but, then again, if it were last on this disc it would illustrate and sum up much of what Gary is trying to get across as he speaks of “dancing connected” - and not just with a partner but with connection within your own body as you dance.

Producing these discs was almost a public service… Much of what is covered here gets taught in bits and pieces in group dance classes - you’ll hear some of it every time you take a “good” class. Everyone would be better off, however, if they learned how to dance first rather than just learning “moves.” Learning “moves” isn’t really learning how to dance, but learning how to move is learning what you need to know to dance… well.

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