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Lindy Hop with Frankie Manning - Beginners
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Lindy Hop with Frankie Manning - Beginners

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Erin Stevens, Frankie Manning
Living Traditions
Lindy Hop
Running Time:
40 minutes
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Learn Lindy Hop with the Master... Frankie Manning. He was instrumental in the development of the Lindy Hop at the Savoy Ballroom in Harlem during the '30s, and is credited for the famous Hellzapoppin’ Lindy Hop scene. On these instructional videos, Manning is partnered with renowned dancer Erin Stevens. This series captures the essence of the Swing dance era!

This remastered video shows you the basics of the original version of the Lindy Hop as taught and demonstrated by the Lindy Hop legend, Frankie Manning. Material covered includes basic rhythms, footwork, styling, plus six basic moves of the Lindy Hop.

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Member Reviews

LJH - July 1, 2015

Well, it is THE Frankie Manning on this video, so that's worth a lot. But, he and Erin teach "a" version of Lindy Swingout, for example, and if you've been shown something else here and there, bear that in mind. There are other ways to do even the "basic swingout" and this one isn't the be all and end all. Also, Frankie is kind of old, even on this tape, so pay more attention to how Erin moves to get the idea of how to move "into" the patterns rather than just set them up (apparently) for your partner to finish. This DVD is very good for a very simple way to do some basics at the beginning, but too quickly moves to some flashier moves that will probably be beyond beginners for a awhile. Still, when you work them into your dance later, they'll be good for your dancing. Watch the summary dancing at the end of the DVD several times. Pay attention to when Frankie pulls Erin in... and guides her out. Not much is said on this tape about leading and following, really, but you can see his gentle but clear lead and her putting energy into her side of the dance (too) at all times to respond to what he wants, or, doesn't want. Also not discussed is what to do with the Charleston step that's not taught especially well here. That's too bad. If they were going to teach the (side by side) Charleston they should have said move about how to get into and out of it on this tape. I think they'd have done better to put it into a "Charleston/Lindy moves" tape and move Scissors and the Mini Dip moves onto this one. Rent the other 2 tapes in the series. It will all start to make sense. When it does, you'll be a pretty good Lindy Hopper just from what is one these three DVDs.

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