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Lindy Hop 1 & 2
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Lindy Hop 1 & 2

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Lauren Bova, Paolo Pasta Lanna
Savoy Central
Beginner, Intermediate
Lindy Hop
Running Time:
70 minutes
Release Date:


This video is ideal for those with some experience in the world of 6-count swing and who wish to explore the more advanced material commonly seen in Lindy Hop. Included are comprehensive dance demonstrations as well as a break down of the following steps:

• 8-Count Footwork
• Lindy Circle & Swing Out
• Transition Steps
• Swivels
• In & Out Shuffle
• Sling Shot
• Slip Slop
• Kick Away
• Scissor Kicks
• Basket & Pretzel Twist
• Slide Variations
• Dip Variations and more

This DVD features the amazing dancers Paolo Pasta Lanna & Lauren "Lollipop" Bova.

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Member Reviews

LJH - December 11, 2015.

As described by Danceflix, this material is best suited to those already familiar with 6-count Lindy - as well as a decent pre-existing grounding in the 8-count Swing Out.

Paolo and Lauren (Yay, Follows!) don’t spend a lot of time on teaching or reviewing these “basics” but the DVD is very good on the more advanced beginner moves* like the Slip-Slop, Scissors, and so forth.

The video quality is very good, the explanations generally clear, and it’s taught in a very easy-going and smooth manner. Unlike many such DVDs, you probably won’t find yourself nodding off as you watch this, but you will be rewinding to check what your eyes are telling you, “Oh, they really did do that, like that…”

Highly recommended to advanced beginner and intermediate dancers for the moves and the bit of style taught in the last half or so of the DVD.

*Kick-a-ways, Dips, Sling shot, Baskets, In-and-out Shuffle, Pretzel Twist, etc.

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