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Charleston Variations
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Charleston Variations

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Debra Sternberg, Tom Koerner
Gottaswing LLC
Lindy Hop
Running Time:
60 minutes
Release Date:


Charleston is where swing dancing began. Join Tom and Debra as they present a dozen need-to-know Charleston moves.

In this DVD they cover:

• Transition to Back Charleston
• Lawnmower Turn
• Swedish S-Turn
• Traveling Charleston
• Hand-to-Hand Charleston
• The Kickaround
• Pushback Charleston
• Push-out Charleston
• Rollover Charleston
• Roll-in-Place
• Crossover Charleston

Tom and Debra are arguably Washington D.C.'s most popular swing dance instructors. Watch them dance in one of their classic performances!

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Member Reviews

LJH - December 19, 2017

Not noted in the description, but what’s on this disc is what’s commonly called, “1930’s Charleston,” or, “Lindy Charleston,” and not 1920’s “Touch Charleston”– nothing much to do with “early” Charleston at all.

That said this was a pleasant surprise as it’s all simple versions of Tandem, or, Shadow Charleston, with a bit of “Side by Side” “Charleston” – even if it isn’t “real” Charleston.

Tom and Debra, somewhat tongue in check, freely admit of their efforts to present the “Charleston” material for use in your Swing and Lindy dancing:

“We do the middle-aged white people’s version of the Charleston (moves). Hopefully, yours will look a bit better that ours…”

So, this disc isn’t for people who want to get quickly tuned up to win a dance contest – lower your expectations… It’s more for beginners and intermediate dancers who’d benefit from a moderately paced, efficiently presented, slowly demonstrated set of steps that build up into useful patterns that you should be able to remember and actually do.

All “the usual suspects” are here for anyone wanting to learn “Charleston stuff” to dance in their Lindy. And, unlike most discs, they teach several ways to get into and out of different positions – which is good because then you can pick something that works for you, or, for a particular partner… Not everyone knows or likes the same, “ways.”

Very useful discs, covering a lot of good material, in a low-key manner… It was particularly nice to see the “kicks” low to the floor and rather tame. Too often high kicks and shown and encouraged – which only makes it harder to learn the basic moves and increases the time it takes to do the moves well out on the dance floor – if ever.

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