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Bolero (Basic/Intermediate)
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Bolero (Basic/Intermediate)

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Blanche & Emilio Librero
Librero Multimedia Productions
Beginner, Intermediate
Running Time:
90 minutes
Release Date:


This is a complete beginner's course in the Bolero. How To Become a Good Dancer by Blanche and Emilio teaches 15 beginner and intermediate figures. They use a progressive and interchangeable system where figures (moves) build on one another and they show how some figures (moves) can be used in various dance styles.

Section 1
1. Basic Step
2. Open Break
3. Fifth Position Breaks
4. Open Break & U. Turn
5. Spanish Drag

Section 2
6. Cross Body Lead
7. Left Side Pass
8. Right Side (Loop) Pass
9. Spot Turn
10. Cross Body Lead to Fan

Section 3
11. Right Side Pass to Fan
12. Adios to Man's Wrap
13. Surprise Break
14. Spot Turn to Fan
15.Snap Cuddle to Fencing Line

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Member Reviews

Robert B. - August 18, 2013

This is a *very* good instruction DVD. They do demonstrations of each step for the guy and the girl, first alone and then together, both without music and with music. There are lots of tips relating to Bolero and some for dancing in general. The guy's instructions tend to be thorough on the footwork, but could use a more detail on what the guy's hands should be doing (e.g., there is almost no attention paid to the guy's hand during the instruction on the Underarm Turn, even though there are lots of small details that could be pointed out, and the change in hand position during the Open Break is consistently done, but never pointed out). The DVD covers *lots* of material - 15 moves in a little under 2 hours - and covers it well. I'm not sure if this would work for a brand new dancer (maybe), but I think it would work well for anyone who has done some dancing before and wants to start learning Bolero, up through an intermediate Bolero dancer who wants to learn some new moves.

The quality of the production is high, as well: the setting and lighting are good, the audio is very clear, and the editing is good.

Aside from the slight weakness on explaining the man's hand positions, I can't think of anything else that could be improved (and that one weak spot was made up for in all the other areas, so I still give it 5 stars out of 5). This is the first video I have watched in the How To Become A Good Dancer series, but I plan to get more. This one lives up to the name.

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