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Pivots & Spins (EXCP Bronze)
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Pivots & Spins (EXCP Bronze)

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Heather Smith, Victor Veyrasset
Dance Vision
Intermediate, Advanced
Running Time:
77 minutes
Release Date:


** Due to the high cost and limited availability, this title is only available on Silver and Gold plans**

Pivots and Spins are not the easiest of ballroom moves to master, many couples have problems with them. Victor and Heather will not only demonstrate how they dance them with no effort, explain the technique, they will also give you insider's knowledge and their hints how to stand out from the crowd. Topics covered include:

• Natural Pivots
• Reverse Pivot
• Double Reverse Spin & Over Spin
• Slip Pivot
• Quick Open Reverse & Slip Pivot
• Tipsy Chassé to the Right & Pivot
• Rudolph Rondé & Slip Pivot
• Promenade Pivot
• Running Wing
• Run Around

Dance Vision is the leader in instructional dance videos and consistently produces the highest quality DVDs using the best instructors. You won’t be disappointed!

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Member Reviews

LJH - April 3, 2017

DanceVision discs are generally excellent and this one is no exception. They, Heather Smith and Victor Veyrasset, “only” list ten figures here, but they’re important figures and the instructors do a very good job of explaining both the Lead’s and the Follow’s part. It’s a “gem” for most Followers, since many discs neglect their side…

This is not a disc that you get to “learn how to dance.” No, it’s a disc you get to learn how to dance better, or, how to really learn a figure you don’t really “get.” It’s a bit dry for the uncommitted, but it’s juicy enough if you really want to know how to learn a figure that’s been holding you up.

Aside from the “dry” – but sincere - delivery of the material, about the only knock is they only show a figure once, and not in any context, before they start describing the particulars of what you just saw. Again, it helps to know before you start what you’re interested in and why you need to know what they’re talking about.

A very good reference disc, a good learning disc, a good “polish” disc.

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