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Dance Lovers: Waltz Intermediate
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Dance Lovers: Waltz Intermediate

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Foster Lampert, Judi Lampert
Dance Lovers USA
Running Time:
50 minutes
Release Date:


Learn the Waltz with Dance Lovers! Your instructors, Foster and Judi Lampert, have many decades of teaching experience to make learning quick, easy, fun and effective. The following figures are covered:

1. Advanced Twinkle
2. Advanced Triple Twinkle
3. Bridge Ending
4. Twinkle with Underarm
5. Spiral Forward
6. Open Left Turn
7. Cork Screw (from Twinkle & Conversation Balance)
8. Advanced Twinkle w/Reverse Ending
9. Zig Zag Twinkle
10. Western Glide (w/Twinkle & w/Underarm)
11. Open Right
12. Twinkle w/Chasse
13. Wisk w/Chasse
14. Fallaway to Reverse Turn
15. Trailblazer
16. Rock Turn Left with Bridge (diagonal to center & wall)
17. Wing

Note: The video quality is below average, but the quality of instruction and organization of material is very good. Discs are DVD-R format and may not play in some DVD players.

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Member Reviews

LJH - November 24, 2015

A fine second dvd in the Lampert Waltz series. Not much to look at, but simple enough to follow along and learn with - preferably as a couple. The figures taught are "classic" and of the sort that you'll get a lot of mileage out of them out on the dance floor. As always, it's important to watch the entire dvd, then rewind and start with 1, then 2, and so forth and work out, walk out, the patterns as you go along. There's more "don't do this" and "don't do that" on this DVD, but I suppose that's because the figures are more complicated (but not much) than those on disk one. This is really a "learn by doing" series, so don't expect much in the way of "rah-rah" pep talks, jokes, or so forth. They present the moves, then move on. Don't let that discourage you... They tell you what they can, show you the move, then expect you to study what needs to be done. Invest the time and you'll do fine.

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