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Dance Lovers: Samba Intermediate & Advanced
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Dance Lovers: Samba Intermediate & Advanced

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Foster Lampert, Judi Lampert
Dance Lovers USA
Intermediate, Advanced
Running Time:
44 minutes
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Learn the Samba with Dance Lovers! Your instructors, Foster and Judi Lampert, have many decades of teaching experience to make learning quick, easy, fun and effective. The following figures are covered:

1. Volta Right
2. Truco
3. Maxixe
4. Push Away
5. Samba Kicks
6. Botofogo Com Batuque
7. Sweetheart Roll-up
8. Same Foot Crosses
9. Quadado
10. Circle Com Paso
11. Shadow Botofogo
12. Flick w/Criss-Cross
13. Twin Twirl
14. Plait

Note: The video quality is below average, but the quality of instruction and organization of material is very good. Discs are DVD-R format and may not play in some DVD players.

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Member Reviews

LJH - December 19, 2015

I’ll admit to some bias in my ratings; I’ve just gotten to liking the Lampert’s “get on with it” teaching style. They tell you what’s coming; show you what that is; show you how they do it - and move on. That said, this disk has a nicer look and sound to it that some of their other Ballroom series DVDs, so it deserves a few points just for that.

We rented this disk out of order because we thought all the moves in Samba 1 were covered in their Ballroom Series, 1 – 4, but only the first six or so were in that series. We were a bit surprised, at first, but since the moves here are built on the moves in the first disk, we stepped out what the “new thing was” (since it’s part of the “new move” presented here) and no harm was done to us. Still, it’s better to do them in proper order.

Meanwhile, it’s a good question here, and elsewhere, what’s considered “advanced.” You’ll hear Mr. Lampert say many times, “You can also do this move in Waltz or Foxtrot” and, sure enough, if you know (some) Waltz or Foxtrot you can be pretty sure this “new” move will be a piece of cake. So, again, if you don’t know anything yet, learn Waltz first; it is the “king” of dances that everyone else can or does build on...

In addition, you’ll notice - even if he doesn’t mention it – that moves like the Sweetheart Roll Up, the Twin Twirl, and the Plait resemble the Yo-Yo, the Glide to the Side, and the Lindy Promenade with Ladies Turn in Swing dancing. So, if you’re already a Swing dancer, bear in mind this may be easier than you think! Meanwhile, again, any “ballroom” you have can pay off elsewhere too. For example, The Circle Com Paso here looks a lot like the Foxtrot (and other) Rock Turn(s).

The language for “the moves” here is, I suppose, traditional Spanish for them, but they are “just moves” otherwise. Mr. Lampert, here and there, describes the steps he’s demonstrating using the English equivalent. Oh, well, just learn the pattern and don’t worry about who calls what what; a move is a move is a move - once you “get” it.

Watching and learning from DVDs is a skill you just have to work on – the more you do it, the better you get at it. This disk requires a little less coffee to get through, and it seems “brighter” in many ways that some of their others, but you still have to get up and step out the moves, learn the patterns, and then put on your own music to practice – many times – what you’re getting to know.

These disks, as simple as they are, are a very pleasant way to learn some very pleasant dances. Just give them, and yourself, a fair chance to prove it. They’re not “fancy,” but they are good at getting you started if you want to be fancy eventually. Good luck.

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