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Dance Lovers: Samba Beginning
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Dance Lovers: Samba Beginning

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Foster Lampert, Judi Lampert
Dance Lovers USA
Running Time:
53 minutes
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Learn the Samba with Dance Lovers! Your instructors, Foster and Judi Lampert, have many decades of teaching experience to make learning quick, easy, fun and effective. The following figures are covered:

1. Basic (American Caxio)
2. Box (Brazilian Caxio)
3. Box Turning
4. Balancetes
5. Copacapana
6. Two Way Com-Paso
7. Paulista
8. Double Copa
9. Botofogo
10. Advanced Botofogo
11. Whirlwind
12. Volta (Left)
13. Underarm Turn
14. Copacabana Com Paso
15. Espiral

Note: The video quality is below average, but the quality of instruction and organization of material is very good. Discs are DVD-R format and may not play in some DVD players.

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Member Reviews

LJH - January 11, 2016

For beginners, there’s probably no easier place to start learning any ballroom dance than the Lampert’s extensive series of ballroom dance DVDs. Nothing, however, fancy here; this Samba DVD, like the others, only teaches the “geography” of the moves and patterns in a given dance. They’re short on style, but very long on “see this, do this” instruction. And, that’s the key – you have to stand up and try out what you’re seeing. Do that and you get your money’s worth; don’t do it and you blow an easy lay-up in life.

As usual, they begin with very little preamble and show you one step or pattern and then another without making any effort to explain their choices. Just play along… They really do know what they’re doing. You can always “jazz it up later” with the help of some youtube videos… First, however, you need to get a good idea of which foot goes where and that’s what the Lampert’s teach very simply. Be sure, by the way, to search youtube for “social samba dancing” and not just, “Samba.” What the Lamperts teach here is good “walk around” dancing for weddings and so forth, but most Samba “dance” videos worth posting are going to be Warp 9 compared to this.

Finally, if you have a little Waltz or Foxtrot experience you may be surprised that the later and “harder” moves on the DVD are actually easier for you. But, they are easier; a box, a spiral, a spot turn – called by Spanish names - but basically the same moves… If you don’t have Waltz or Foxtrot experience your bonus will be that you can use these “new” moves later in the other dances when you get around to learning them. Cool.

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