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My Smooth Moves - Dance with No Steps Interactive DVD
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My Smooth Moves - Dance with No Steps Interactive DVD

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My Smooth Moves, LLC
Absolute Beginner
Wedding Dance
Running Time:
60 minutes
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Learn to dance with no steps with this easy to follow, interactive DVD. No experience necessary! Ideal for the person/s with little to no dance experience. Forget about timing, methodical steps, body placement, etc. The focus is on teaching moves and not the steps. You can learn simple and effective moves to twirl your girl, wrap her in and out, dips and more. This is the best idea in instructional DVDs along the lines of faking it until you make it. Ideal for wedding couples or just about anyone who needs a crash course in couples dancing!

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Member Reviews

Steve W. - August 28, 2013

I really appreciated this DVD. This is what I was looking for since I began learning how to dance almost a year ago. I originally just wanted something that I could do at a wedding or a karaoke bar or something, wherever partner dancing comes up. I started learning ballroom dance (swing, waltz, foxtrot, tango, etc.), and all of that is fine, but to me, ballroom dance styles are overly complicated and require years of practice before getting good. This DVD is about giving you and your partner something you can do with maybe a few hours practice. It shows about 6 different twirls and a dip. The footwork is like a very simplified single-time east-coast swing, with no emphasis on staying within the 6 beat time. Twirls are also with much simplified timing. You can do a twirl in just two beats, or you can take as many beats as you want. So it gives you all the fun of swing, but without the complicated timing and rigid adherence to the step-work of swing. That's what I wanted all along! As for the quality of the video, it's very high quality. They also provide 3 different camera angles for everything. You just click a button, and you're seeing it from the overhead looking down position. Or you can click the button to show you the reverse angle instead of head-on. The total run time is about 30 minutes I think. Very short! And that's a very good thing, in my opinion! The pace is very fast. (Also a good thing.) He doesn't spend a lot of time describing intricate details and so on. He makes it quick to learn, easy to go back and check yourself from different angles, etc. By the time you and your partner finish this DVD, you'll spend a night out dancing. Really dancing. And you'll have fun. Good luck!

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